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Bitsou  – Blockchain deep data provider that knows its users the best


1.Project introduction

Based on Blockchain, AI and Big data, Bitsou has a different approach of data provision compared to other platforms – With its core data technology and own core algorithm, Bitsou provides the following services, including the latest information, overall currency analysis, macro market analysis, visual chart analysis, smart investment tool, multiple functional products of exchange services etc. By making cryptocurrency investment easier and more scientific, Bitsou is known as the Blockchain deep data provider that knows its users.

At the entrance of Blockchain ecology, Bitsou provides professional and all-round blockchain data service with its data services and accurate customer traffic and gains profits.


2.About Token

Token name:Bitsou



Contract add

Official website

Total supply2 Billion

Circulating supply0.2 Billion


Cornerstone (10%) – 20% to be released in every 2 months after listing, completes in 10 months

VIP    (10%) – To be released immediately after listing

Token operation (25%) – To be airdropped according to promotional needs

Fund (55%) – Locked


3.Institutions Introduction


Global digital coin exchange, created by ViaBTC, world’s 2nd largest BCH mining pool and 3rd largest BTC mining pool. With Bitmain-led angel investment and A-round investment, CoinEx is a quality exchange with a history of trading and a good reputation.

Bit Investment ltd.

Singapore Venture Capital, invested in start-up projects in areas of mobile Internet, intelligent hardware, sharing economy, financial insurance, vertical e-commerce, consumer upgrades, sports culture etc in China, USA, and Singapore.

Hotspot Fund LTD.

Early blockchain investment institutions with the resource advantages and professional investment research team in industry, early investors in several high-quality blockchain projects.


4.Project planning

The development of Bitsou includes the following three phases:

Early phase: Mainly focuses on data depth mining;

Medium phase: Establishes and improves the Big Data Center;

Late phase: Customized financial services, providing users with comprehensive investment data analysis step by step.


About Labs

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