ULT Ultiledger

Ultiledger – The next generation self-financing blockchain protocol


1.Project introduction

Ultiledger aims to apply blockchain technology to build a distributed financial database and account system at a low cost. Upon that, the team also intends to establish an ecosystem around the financial applications based on a new public chain; helping various entities (such as governments, corporations, communities, or even individuals) to conduct assets tokenisation, to be adopted in assets trading, settlements and storage, as well as extending to other kinds of applications such as fund raising, cross-border payments. Ultiledger is looking to make use of the public chain and side chain structure to improve the system’s security, privacy, efficiency and capital tradability.

Within the Ultiledger ecosystem, users would be able to transfer valuable assets to the blockchain going forward, using smart contracts and open storage to conduct trading and exchange among tokenised assets. Any type of digital assets would be capable of being kept on-chain and be traceable real-time. This would allow the realisation of assets and value exchange based on trust.



Randolf Liang, Founder – founder of Ripplefox, the largest Ripple gateway in China; has 10+years of IT development experience

Tommy Xu, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer – experienced in Banking and Investments, as well as acted as an independent entrepreneur

Eric Gao, Co-Founder & Chief Economist – experienced in finance, banking and business areas

Tao Zuo, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist – held senior positions at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange 

Nick Qu, Co-Founder – one of the 100 talents of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director of the Guangdong Province Blockchain and Distributed IoT Security Engineering Technology Research Centre


3.About Token



Contract addresshttps://etherscan.io/token/0xe884cc2795b9c45beeac0607da9539fd571ccf85

Official Websitehttps://www.ultiledger.io/

Total Supply4.5 Billion

Private Sale Costapprox. 0.08 RMB


4.Community Information




Medium: https://medium.com/@ultiledger.io