LAMB Lambda

Lambda – high-speed, secure and scalable decentralized storage network

Project Overview

Lambda is a high-speed, secure and scalable decentralized storage network – It realizes the decentralized storage, integrity, security authentication of data as well as the operation of data exchange in market based on Lambda Chain consensus network; Meanwhile, it brings possibility to the capacity of infinitely scalable and unlimited storage for the Value Internet of the next generation.

Business Model

  • Blockchain Storage Infrastructure

Lambda is an infrastructure project for blockchain storage. There are two main reasons why public chains for storage differ from ordinary public chains. First, blockchain technology is utilized to secure the transactions, and the consensus mechanism is at work synching status. Second, data are given special processing, management, incentives and storage. 

  • Consensus Network and Logical Storage Decoupling

Lambda Chain consensus network is the foundation of Lambda Network operation, formed by 1024 verified miners (Promoted from storage miners). These miners are voted via VRF Algorithm to participate in consensus nodes and reach a consensus via the integrated BFT Algorithm.

The significance of Consensus network

1) As a trusted mechanism, Lambda Chain consensus network ensures data integrity and security to replace the brand endorsement of centralized storage, complete the relevant technical process of data security and complete verification on chain.

2) The Marketplace (Storage Trading Market) is built on the consensus network to store the miners’ sales storage space and the user to purchase storage space. The value of data storage is determined by market demand.

  • Storage Exchange Based on PDP & POR

Data integrity and retrievability are ensured by the main chain verifying Provable Data Possession and Proofs of Retrievability of data in nodes. In the meantime, an exchange is formed for decentralized storage, and so is a storage mining ecosystem.

Token Info

Name: Lambda

Ticker: LAMB

Type: ERC20

Official website:


Max. amount: 10 Billion

Current amount: 6 Billion

Circulating supply: 0.5 Billion

Public offering price: 0.01 USD


Founding engineers: 10%

For sale: 30%

Fundations: 20%

Mining: 40%

Token Applications

For storage purchase

For resources downloading and consumption

Mining rewards for Storage miners and Validators

Mining rewards for Search nodes miners

Guaranties for Storage and Search nodes miners

Guaranties for Validators


Xiaoyang He, CEO – Previously worked at OneAPM in 2008, introduced a performance management product based on SaaS model in 2014

Haijun Zhao, Co-Founder – Former Vice CTO at OneAPM, and former employee of Qunar and Kongzhong. Helped set up the product and development team, in charge of management and development at OneAPM in 2013.

Haiqiang Gao, Co-Founder & COO – Former COO R&D Director, specialized in P2P network design & optimization. Worked in ACSNO as Vice CTO.

Lambda contributed codes for multiple open-sourced projects under Apache Foundation, such as Camel, Akka, Drill etc.

OneAPM was a company that monitored software performance and provided storage, computing, and analysis services using data from APPs, browsers, and servers.

Lambda was created with a mix of experience in big data storage and management and an understanding of database technology.

Combining the experience of storing and processing large-scale data and understanding of database technology, Lambda project was officially launched in 2018 as the entering point of the blockchain field.

Investors: BlockVC, DFund, FBG, BITMAIN, ZhenFund and so on





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